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Fiirst day of the rally

By Wom Battle
Category: Ride to Perth

First order of the day was to find a gym to work off last night's meal so with Heffy and Zanderhar left sleeping I stepped out to find one.  I managed to locate one a few blocks away, checked it out and it got a tick.  I went back to the Motel, told Heffy and we soon had the gym gear on and we were on our way.

I'd been quoted the casual rate ($14.00) but luckily I mentioned where we were staying and were told of an arrangement between the venues where on presentation of our room key we worked out for free...perfect!  A bruising 50 minute workout and we were on our way back to the Motel noticing quite a number of Harley's rumbling around the streets.  On the way back we passed a couple of members of the local HOG chapter.  I greeted them and they were clearly momentarily confused by being accosted by a couple of singlet wearing sweaty locals but soon recognised me and settled into a short chat.  Although I still suspect they were wondering WTF we were doing going to the gym.

We grabbed Zander and went to a fantastic little cafe called Roselli's for a sensational breakfast. Back to the motel for a chillax, some TV followed up by a walk to Aurora Stadium to see what was happening at the HOG Rally.

There were a bunch of things to see, stalls, food etc and we hung out there for a while.  Of all things there was a jumping castle there and today jumps were free so after some daring and an offer of cash my son, and Heffy, decided it was worth the embarrassment of being filmed being childish.  It takes some sustained effort to last three minutes on a jumping castle on a hot day.

After a while we headed back into town and ended up walking past Rosellis deciding to drop in for a quick and very decent coffee.  The owner, Damon, and the chef were about to close up and were heading to a local pub for some beers and a game or two of pool and were kind enough to invite us along.  So we found ourselves at Lloyds pub.  Neither Heffy nor I are any good at pool, but it was one of those days where everything went right and we won 7 games straight.  At one point the licensing police stuck their noses in, not sure of the repercussions, my son was conveniently positioned in a very small room and instructed to stay there for a while...just in case despite the fact he was alchohol free his presence was a problem.

Some four hours or more later, well let's say, we wandered out and went back to the motel to grab a jacket and to take back to the HOG Rally for dinner.  Rally registration included vouchers for a meal tonight so we were keen to see what was on offer.  It turned out there was nothing on offer that was different than lunch, but thankfully we were at the point that junk food had dimmed the need to make a healthy choice and go somehwere else so we opted for the very lightly topped, undercooked and slightly soggy wood fired pizzas.  If it wasn't for the opening courses of beers we probably wouldn't have finished them.

We still had room for a couple of more drinks and sat in the stands for a while to watch a two very good bands. Feeling sleepy after all the physical activity involved in playing pool for such a sustained period we soon went back to the motel and crashed for the night.


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February 2021