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Costs 1998 Road King

Here's a breakdown of the cost of ownership of my 1998 Harley-Davidson® Road King® purchased with 45,431 k's on the clock.  I owned it for 8 months during which time I put 7202kms on it.  Some of the numbers include the capital purchase of the bike, safety and other gear, then there's costs associated with running the Harley.  I needed to kit out my wife and children, if you don't have them you can delete the additional helmets, gloves, jackets etc.

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Stats Summary: 3 Nov '08 to 10 July '09

Kilometres Travelled by me: 7202
Cost per kilometre running + all capital costs: $3.81
Cost per kilometre running + capital - sale price: $1.78
Cost per kilometre running costs only: $0.519
Fuel Economy: 5.085 l/100k




Capital Purchases

98 Harley-Davidson Road King 20,000.00  
Gloves 0.00  
Nolan Full Faced Helmet 272.50  
Rebel Boots 169.95  
Jacket (For Pillion) 224.95  
Helmet (for pillion) 229.95  
Draggin Jeans (inc delivery) 301.00  
Leather Jacket 549.95  
Gloves (For Pillion) 49.95  
Boots (for Pillion) 131.00  
Wet Weather Pants (2 pairs) 70.00  
Stay Upright Advanced Rider Course 385.00  
Leather Jacket (for my wife) 450.00  
Gloves for my wife (inc delivery) 98.00  
Summer Gloves 74.00  

Running/Recurring/Servicing Costs

QBE Comprehensive Insurance 405.00  
Transfer Rego and Stamp Duty 626.50  
Fuel 480.14  
Cleaning Products 49.95  
Benchmark Service: inc full check over/report, replace front brake pads 575.00  
QBE Third Party Insurance (Green Slip) 646.00  
Registration Renewal 103.00  
New rear tyre and rear brake pads 690.00  
General Servicing 150.00  
Total To Date   $27326.84