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Harley Davidson Ownership Costs

Here is a record of the running costs and ownership costs of my 2009 Harley-Davidson® Road King® purchased in July 2009.  I've just finished paying the second year's Registration and Insurances and this is included in the figures below as at 1 July 2010.  The total running costs for the first whole year were very close to $7,000.00

I'm also a bit of a consumer so I'll try to cost the extras like bits of chrome, engine upgrades separately so the costs of Harley bling are visible.   Too see the detailed costs involved in owning my last Harley for 7 months click here.


Kilometres Travelled to date: 26410
Cost Per kilometre including Capital Costs: $2.01
Cost Per kilometre Running Costs Only: $0.36

Capital Costs

Motorcycle inc Dealer Delivery 29628.00
Accessories & Fitting (Delivered)_ 12066.00
Minus Dealer Allowance -3161.00
Other Capital Purchases/Fitting 466.00
Replacement Crash Bar 300.00
Replacement Foot Pan 98.45
Stage II Big Bore 103 Kit and Fitting 3395.00
HD Oil Cooler for '09 Tourer and Fitting 520.00
HD Chrome Head Bridges and Fitting 75.60
Chrome Headlamp/Front Blinker Bling 130.00
LED Dipstick, Willie G Timer Cover 230.00
Total $43,748.05
 2009 Harley Davidson Road King

Running Costs

Initial Rego and Stamp Duty 991.00
Registration Yr 2 w/ Custom Plate 278.00
Comprehensive Insurance (QBE) 1684.00
Third Pary Insurance 994.00
First Service 348.00
Other Services 1756.10
Cleaning Products 111.75
Dyno Tunde after Engine Upgrade 300.00
Tyres 610
Fuel 2375.56
Total $9448.41
 Harley Davidson V Twin Engine